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Studio Euphony is a professional recording studio in Kolkata, helmed by Mr. Somnath Bose, who is an electrical engineer, drummer and has a diploma in sound engineering. The studio features both analog and digital audio recording tools. Sound is our passion, and we understand the needs of our clients and focus on giving them a big sound in an intimate setting and on anemic budgets.We are enthusiastic about your project from day one and we will travel that extra mile to make the idea in your head a reality.
studio euphony_control room
Studio Euphony_ Drums Recording Session
Studio Euphony_ Recording Session
Studio Euphony_ Recording Session
Studio Euphony_ Console Room_ Gears
Studio Euphony Sound Recording Course
Studio Euphony_Sagarika Bhattacherjee_ VO Recording
Studio Euphony_Sagarika Bhattacherjee_Song Recording
Studio Euphony_Recording (7)
Studio Euphony_Recording
Studio Euphony_Recording (8)
Studio Euphony_Recording (6)
Studio euphony rajpur
Studio Euphony_Rajpur bastala
Studio Euphony_Recording (4)
Studio Euphony_Recording (5)
Studio Euphony_Recording (3)
Studio Euphony_Recording (2)
Studio Euphony_18's Eye the band
Studio Euphony_18's Eye the band
Studio Euphony_18's Eye the band
18 eye the band_studio euphony
Studio Euphony_Anindita Saha
Studio Euphony_Visiting Card
Studio Euphony_Visiting Card
Studio Euphony kolkata
Shirsha_Recorsing Session_Studio Eup
Studio Euphony_Edit room
Studio Euphony_Instrument recording room
Studio Euphony_Satarupa Bhattacharya_Client
Studio Euphony_Satarupa Bhattacharya
Studio Euphony_Satyaki_Client
Studio Euphony_Satarupa Bhattacharya_client
Studio Euphony_Client
Studio Euphony_Client
Studio Euphony_Client
Studio Euphony_Dubbing Screen
Studio Euphony_Client
Studio Euphony_Client
Studio Euphony_Client
Stdio Euphony_Shure SM 57
Studio Euphony_AKG D40
Studio Euphony_Mixing&Mastering
Studio_Euphony_Edit Room
Studio_Euphony_Dubbing room
Studio_Euphony_Voice Overs
Studio_Euphony_Sound Engineering Class
Studio Euphony_Mic Settings
Studio Euphony_Vocal Recording
Studio Euphony_Mic Settings
Studio Euphony_focusrite saffire pro 40
Studio Euphony_Tama Drum Kit
Studio Euphony_Akai Interface
Studio Euphony Tannoy_Near Field Mon
studio euphony_Samson MTR 201
Studio Euphony. Yamaha Console

Lightning-fast 64-bit recording and mixing engine.  Still the cleanest audio editing and mixing workflow on the planet. High-end hardware and support policies are still tops in the industry. At Studio Euphony we have experienced engineers who can work fluently with Protools, Logic, Cubase & Nuendo . Givng you the freedom of choosing your desired platform.

Samson's MTR231 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone brings exceptional performance and high-end quality on board. The MTR231 is perfect for capturing vocal and instrumental performances alike. The mic's selectable cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional pickup patterns make it capable of handling variety of vocal and instrumental performances across every genre of music with plenty of oomph and character..

Reveal 502 delivers absolutely premium tonal clarity, whether it's pop, rock, hiphop, metal or electronic music. Brutal honesty from theese monitors is the key when fine-tuning the mix of your music. Extended frequency response means that the mix translates well on other systems too.


Tama Rhythm Mate professional studio Drum kit. and Roland Handsonic can give the production the required bite in the rhythm section.

Ibanez PC300CE acoustic guitar.

Mention your requirement at the time of booking.


Saffire PRO 40 features a versatile 20 inputs and 20 outputs, including a complement of eight Focusrite mic preamps guaranteed to get the best out of any microphone, with minimal noise and distortion even at high gain. Two mic/line/instrument inputs are accessed via the front panel, which also provides two independent headphone monitor outputs.


The Yamaha MG Series embodies this pursuit of design excellence, and incorporates the same technologies developed for use in ultra high-end professional set-ups, including studio-quality preamps, powerful digital processing, and the trademark warmth of Yamaha sound that artists cherish all over the world.

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