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Our course is designed keeping those in mind who have the passion for audio related jobs such as voice overs, music and film sound or the ones who just wants to expand their skill set. A lot of people who have  the interest but dont get the opportunity to learn because of their age, qualification, or financial stature. We have a simplified solution for all those who have the drive to learn and nurture their grey matter.

We provide a comprehensive course in a very easy to understand format.  Our students get a hands on experience in a project studio setup for VO and music prodution, personal attention to every individual and guidance from experienced Practising sound engineers.The course structure covers all the aspects of studio sound recording, mixing and mastering.

Course fee is INR 45,000/= Payable in two easy installments, OR INR 42000/= one time payment. Total course duration is 5 months. After successful completion of the course the candidates will be awarded a certificate of merit.

Course Structure
  • Knowing the Studio Gear 

  • Hardware Signal Routing

  • Microphone Types

  • Polar Patterns

  • Sound Characteristics

  • Fletcher Munsen Curve

  • Binaural Hearing

  • DAW(Pro Tools)

  • Basics of Digital Audio

  • Recording 

  • Audio Editing

  • Reverberation

  • Dynamic Processing

  • MIDI Recording and Routing

  • MIDI Editing

  • Audio Routing Within The DAW

  • Dubbing for Video

  • Automation

  • Studio Acoustics

  • Pitch Correction

  • Mixing Techniques

  • Basic Mic'ing Techniques

  • Stereo Mic'ing Techniques

  • Introduction To Audio Mastering

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Address :

49, B.K.C. Sarani, Rajpur, 


West Bengal, India.

Our studio is open 7 days a week except national and regional holidays.

We have two slots for bookings everyday:

Shift 1 : 10 A.M.- 10 P.M.

Shift 2 : 11 P.M.- 7 A.M.

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